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The best card game ever!

Steve Jackson Games - Munchkin
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This group is for all Munchkin (the card game) fans, fanatics and lovers.

Basically, we'll be talking about news, strategies, questions regarding rules, tips, and possible meetings to play. We started out with a group of friends who adore the game, but hope to grow and become larger in time.
So write your problems, news, and questions here and we can help eachother.

This Community was founded by lamalas (MIB #1927) and is managed by him and his girlfriend elysiancherry (MIB #8265). So wash our cars and bribe us with food if you want to go up a level. ;)

Please leave your mark on our Munchkin World Map, so that everybody can see which other members live near them and with whom they can meet up for a game of Munchkin.